banner Mitgliedschaft - VIP Status - Werden auch Sie Inhaber der begehrten Jahresvignette für Ihr Fahrzeug. Mit einem Jahresbeitrag ab 19 € ( pro Kalenderjahr ) können auch Sie ein Vignetten Inhaber werden. - Membership - many advantages - Membership - many advantages

Association of the "Friends of the Polizei 2019" an independent union of active members was startet in January 2005 by members from USA, Russia and Austria. Use the possibility and become also a member with the association,  membership for " Everyone/Everyman" is possible.

You will receive an freeway sticker for your vehicle by 19 euros annual fee per Year. You can e.g. well visibly attach this sticker behind the windshield, in order to make your membership outward visible to anyone.

You will get also a free E-Mail Account ->

Car Sticker

Polizei Vignette
Mitglieds Vignette